Amazon Web Services (AWS)

As an Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner, we help architect, develop and deliver on software and data solutions in the cloud. Our experienced consultants have achieved architect and developer certifications with Amazon.
We leverage exclusive partner benefits like the innovation sandbox and AWS credits for POC's to help make your project a success.

Areas of Expertise

Software engineering


Using EC2, Lambda, SNS and DynamoDb we can rapidly create loosely coupled, fault tolerant, scalable and highly available  applications in the cloud. 

Data Engineering


We provides database and analytics solutions leveraging Amazon RedShift, Amazon RDS and Amazon Aurora to put high performance data driven decision making tools in the hands of every user.

 Case Study

Global Consulting Firm's Cloud Based Pricing And Sales Application

What was the problem?

The internal organization of a global consulting firm asked us to help architect and build an AWS solution to price and visualize sales and financial data. Components of the pricing application needed to be moved from a legacy implementation to their more current AWS Pub/Sub architecture. As part of the architecture goals they wanted to consolidate and share internal data, while reducing dependencies with other internal applications. During the course of the project they also wanted to view aggregated pricing data across organizational boundaries.

How we helped?

We helped architect and build various pieces of the pricing application’s orchestration including micro-services for instances of the deal, results of the pricing calculation, reference data lookups and various user interfaces. We also re-architected and moved parts of the application from their legacy implementation to the current architecture (including existing application data) while the application was actively being used in production. We architected and delivered on a pricing implementation that grouped and consolidated pricing data across the company.

What were some of the tools used?

The micro-services application was built using AWS Lambdas with most of the data being stored in Amazon’s Dynamo DB. The various micro-services were decoupled from each other and communicated through publishing SNS notifications. The user interface applications were built using Kotlin, .NET, Angular 2 and Node.js while being hosted in Elastic Beanstalk.

What were the results?

The application is currently being piloted with various groups to improve pricing accuracy and visibility; more groups and users are being added quarterly providing much better insight into global sales and pricing information.